Shirley Crabbe

Musical Theater, Classical & Jazz 

All Levels!

Learn: Healthy Vocal Technique -  Proper Breathing - Strengthen Voice  - Increase Range  - Expand Repertoire

With over 20 years of experience performing and teaching throughout the New York City area, I am adept in a variety of musical styles.  My expertise as a voice teacher is in classical music, but I am also an accomplished jazz singer and can easily work with anyone in their teenage to adult years who wishes to learn how to sing either Jazz or Musical Theater styles. My training and experience includes, a Masters of Music in Classical Voice from Manhattan School of Music, a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Northwestern University School of Music and numerous stage performances.   Past teachers include, Betty Allen, Antonia Kitsoupolus and Elizabeth Fischer, Renee Corenne, & Beth Roberts to name a few.  


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